Meet Randy Caldwell

meetrandyDr. Randy Caldwell ministers in revival services nationally and internationally. He regularly appears in camp meetings, conventions and rallies; and has seen the lives of thousands of adults as well as young people eternally changed. Dr. Caldwell's unique brand of humor and high energy presentation is like none other.

At the age of 10, Dr. Caldwell was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy. At 14, he was diagnosed with juvenile sugar diabetes and was told his illness would eventually take his life. His story is one of God's miraculous healing power! After numerous tests, Dr. Caldwell was proclaimed totally healed. His story of God's healing grace will encourage and challenge you to new levels of faith.

Before going on the evangelistic field, Dr. Caldwell served as a senior pastor in northern Arkansas. During his tenure, the church grew from 70 people to over 500 in Sunday School in only twenty months. Since 1983, thousands of people have turned their lives to Jesus Christ in Dr. Caldwell's meetings. In addition, thousands more have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and hundreds have experienced miracles of divine healing. Having been raised in Arkansas the Lord redirected he and his family to Houston, TX in May 2003. Dr. Caldwell is the National Ambassador for Christians United for Israel (C.U.F.I.) with Pastor John Hagee.

Dr. Caldwell draws from a rich Pentecostal heritage. His father, Rev. Harold Caldwell, has pastored in Arkansas for over fifty years. There a 13 preachers in Dr. Caldwell's immediate family. Dr. Caldwell has been blessed with a wonderful family. He and his wife, Renee have four children: Devin, Kyla, Kayla and Dillon.